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Philippus Miller III & Associates is an international hospitality executive recruitment and consulting firm comprised of hospitality executives who understand your business. Far and away our biggest asset is our unparalleled personal global network of friends and associates, who help us provide the competitive advantage necessary to recruit and retain the best hospitality leaders in the world. We collect intelligence by maintaining frequent contact with this core of high-level hospitality executives around the globe. This information gathering is done with the utmost of discretion and confidentiality. The identification of top talent human capital is essential in this fast-paced, exciting, yet remarkably small global hospitality community. Even though our great industry is in aggregate the largest employer on earth, its leaders are a surprisingly small group, and we are proud to possess some of the most extensive contacts within this universe.

We work only with reputable clients and employment candidates-in fact, we enjoy long-standing personal relationships and friendships with more than 90% of the people that employ us, and with more than 85% of the candidates that we've recommended to those clients. We strongly believe we are the only executive recruiter in the world that can make this claim. The vast majority of our candidates possess degrees in hospitality management from the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration or other top level college programs worldwide. This is due to our long and happy association with the Cornell Hotel School. As a direct result of these relationships, we trust those with whom we do business, and they trust us.

Our objective is to help clients maximize the return on their substantial investment in human capital. We offer only high quality, highly personalized service and client attention. Our services include executive search and recruitment, candidate assessment, employment reference verification, and career counseling.

Our executive search and management recruitment functions involve a series of steps:
  • Commence with an understanding of our clients' organizational structure, corporate culture, specific job requirements and personal specifications.
  • Search and select from our extensive, personal international database for potential candidates who meet the assignment specifications.
  • Interview each qualified candidate.
  • Research professional and personal references and background checks.
  • Prepare and present a summary of each selected candidate's credentials that relate to the client's job specifications.
  • Coordinate the scheduling of interviews and assist the client through the selection and negotiation process, if desired.
  • Maintain a working relationship with the client after the appointment to ensure all their needs have been met.
Whether you are an individual seeking an exciting new challenge, or a company seeking top-notch talent, your interests are most assuredly kept confidential. We never present a candidate's resume without their express permission, and unless given approval by the candidate, we never contact current employers.

We possess a complementary mix of operational expertise and academic preparation and we conduct ourselves with the highest degree of professional integrity. We will utilize all of our expertise in helping you make the right connections to develop your career, your organization, or your business.
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